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Easter This Christmas
by Kasey on December 15th, 2012

I just want to shut it out. Turn off the tv, radio, and hide in my house where there isn't talk of children dying. 

I want to close the door on the feelings of grief that result from the death of a child because the mere mention of death brings tattered memories that ravage at my soul. It is easier to pretend emotions aren't boiling below the surface. It is more manageable to shut the windows of the pain piercing my heart. It is less troublesome not to feel, to shut out the trauma that enters our world. 
But we are called to grieve. Mourn. Wail. Cry. Called to feel, not to fix. 

When we grieve and mourn and wail before God, He comes to our rescue. He comes to comfort when we mourn. He comes. Christ's coming at Christmas carries a deeper meaning in light of recent events. Jesus comes to us, for us. The problem is we often hide and resist admitting the things that Jesus wants to heal us from. He wants our broken hearts. God wants to rescue us, will we allow Him the opportunity or will we shut the door of our heart to Him? 

We can experience Easter this Christmas. We can allow our Risen Lord to resurrect the hidden and broken pieces of our heart. 


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